I wasn't much impressed with Umbrella Factory's first season. Its dramatic tension seemed, over and over, to come from emotionally stunted people making strings of poor decisions. The only character I really recall enjoying was the sweet assassin who forged a connection with someone.

Should I even bother with the second season, or is it more of the same?

I mean, it seems as though that's the whole gimmick: "Look at all these flaws! Aren't they so troubled? They can barely bumble through anything, and they have superpowers!"

I doubt they went and changed all that, but maybe this season is about their getting better. If it is, I might watch some growth.

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@thraeryn I'm only on S2E2 now, but everything I'm seeing is that it's basically more of the same, but better done.

I liked S1, but if you wouldn't want more of the same, I'd say skip it.

Umbrella Thingy S1 spoilers 

@naga It made me dislike the End of the world, and the world ending in flames is kinda one of my favorite things to see in film & television. 😿 I was actually thinking to myself, "Nooooo, not over this, Christ" and I love "End of Evangelion"

Umbrella Thingy S2E1 spoilers 

@thraeryn Well, the world ends again in the opening minutes of S2 . . .

Umbrella Thingy S2E1 spoilers 

@naga The "poster" I'm currently getting on Netflix is six of them standing on a blasted main street, watching another explosion, because they're all just a bunch of fuck-ups. At least a small part of me is saying "Hey, maybe you'll get to watch them eat shit over and over as they're castigated and denigrated by every other person on screen"

Umbrella Thingy S2E1 spoilers 

@thraeryn Like I said, doesn't sound like I'd recommend S2 to you.

Umbrella Thingy S2E1 spoilers 

@thraeryn though the music cues are *amazing*

re: Umbrella Thingy S1 spoilers 

@aldersprig @naga Yeah, my housemates watched a bunch yesterday.

re: Umbrella Thingy S1 spoilers 

@aldersprig Yep. Released (in the US) yesterday.

re: Umbrella Thingy S1 spoilers help I watched the whole thing

re: Umbrella Thingy 

@aldersprig Ha! I'm still only halfway through S2.

re: Umbrella Thingy I watched it... um... sort of solidly.

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