bad circumstance leads to bad brain 

Jinya keeps stepping in my way today when I'm trying to get other things done.

Sitting down to lunch? "Come look at a box of books for things you want to keep"

About to dye my hair? "I'm coming to you with a bag of stuff I dunno whether to throw away"

Never "What are you doing right now?" Never "Do you have a moment to look at this?"

Just random-ass, POORLY timed "I have things take out what's not garbage"

Now I'm conscripted & diverted TWICE & I'm angry


bad circumstance leads to bad brain 

Now I have to give energy to not being angry

Then I have to see if there's still any fuel left for dyeing my hair, if I think there's "time left in the day" (I'm sure other folks get tripped up by that wild, often arbitrary self-limitation, 💕 to you)


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