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Saw that image of the petri dishes illustrating droplet spread, masked v. unmasked.

They're squicky. They made me feel bad. I had to remind myself how viruses work.

Let's imagine a virus as a tank. A tank can't construct another tank. What a tank CAN do is roll up to a factory, demand the workers inside manufacture as many tanks as possible, then blow the place up when everyone inside works themselves to death before rolling off to find another factory.

covid-19, anxiety, helpful analogy 

This is -part- of why washing one's hands is so effective. There may be a small battalion of tanks on your hands, but their number is set and your soap & water are gonna carpet-bomb the whole area.

If we ever find a vaccine, it's going to give every factory in the area a notice about the tanks, supply each factory with new resources, and set up a decommissioned tank outside to practice factory defense.

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covid-19, anxiety, helpful analogy 

Remember this when you see a gnarly petri dish and, thinking about your kitchen counters, your anxiety spikes.

Tanks cannot make new tanks. Until they get inside the factory of your body, it IS possible to eliminate almost every one in an area.

Be careful. Be thorough.

covid-19, anxiety, helpful analogy 


You wouldn't a

Wear your mask!

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