You know, this is just a thought, but I think instead of searching for a cishet YA author to lionize in place of JKR, people should simply support trans authors.

"Read this white woman, read that white woman."

Where's the actual diversity in your recommendations? I don't want an author who tweets with the Good Hashtags, I want some actual trans authors.

I also still think more people my age should be reading Grown-Up Books and not YA but that's not a fight I want to get into today, let's just start by reading more trans people instead of cis ones who say they like us

The main difference between Grown-Up Books and YA is largely less shying away from saying The Bad Words and focusing on literally any period of life other than your mid teens.



In not-YA novels characters can have partners they already married & been with seven years

which, y'know, only gonna add depth

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