Workin' on learning OpenSCAD so that, eventually, I might get half as good with it as I am with Fusion 360.

It requires a very different mental state, and I'm not sure I like it--but I -can do- it.

Their tutorial is pretty good. In these early chapters, I find myself jumping ahead a bit. My end code isn't the same as their end code.

I think that means--so far--that I get it.

@thraeryn The tutorial is nice and the language is simple enough, but as you said - the mental state is the problem. When thinking about a very physical problem I find it hard to switch context to coding. Hopefully you'll have better luck.


@gdr Nah, I got fed up with it. I grokked it at basically every step, and I decided that it's not the way I want to design things. At all.

My SO would probably love it, but she always has some other project goin' on.

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