Daaaaaaaaaaamn. That was a long outing. We hit JoAnn; Target--a grave error, that one; Spec's; and H-E-B since Target was so terrible.

*shakes head* I don't think I'm leaving the house for four or five days.


Bay Area Blvd. It wasn't as full as it could've been, but we went for puzzles and simple groceries, and you know Target don't have either one. I bought three things (including a game, because Target DOES actually have those) and left the rest of the stuff I'd collected already.


Yup. The people didn't get to me; their only having a handful of the already not-much-stuff I needed got to me. I spent 45 minutes in there going "They don't have this in [simple version]? Or this? Or--Christ"

@thraeryn 1. ever since they remodeled it the grocery side sucks

2. that is like less than 10 minutes from my house and is the place I pick up my prescriptions


It's a drive from where I'm at around 610 & Broadway/45 & Broadway, but it's about the only place I can find a JoAnn and Target close together


plus there's a decent Spec's on the way to/from on 45.

If I wasn't looking for fabric & puzzles, I would've just gone down to ALDI at Almeda-Genoa. I miss there being a JoAnn there, even if it was mediocre


Maybe sometime we'll have to hang out at Walter Hall Park

@thraeryn oh yeah that's just down the way from my mechanic :0

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