Okay, I've got some hopefully decent settings for printing PETG on the Ender 3. Giving a fairly simple model a shot and praying for:
🔲 decent layer adhesion
🔲 minimal stringing

It worked!

Rather, it seemed to work.

✅ minimal stringing: an entirely acceptable level given my previous experiences with PETG
🔲 decent layer adhesion: looks like it, but I'm currently seeing if it will hold water or if there's seepage

@thraeryn PETG has given me the best luck with layer adhesion. ABS has been the most bothersome. It's probably your best bet to make something that needs to hold liquid.



My previous experience—making a cup, because dishwasher safe—I didn't know enough about it, didn't have great slicer settings.

THIS time, I cribbed from someone else. Made a small test something. If it holds, I'll do a new cup design.

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