covid-19, unkind thoughts, fallacy 

I keep wondering how many people will fall before we develop and widely distribute a vaccine.

Will the numbers be high enough that those who remain will begin the tremendous work of Doing Better?

A portion of my atheistic self wants to see this virus sweep through all homes without the blood of genuine kindness above their doors, and that's not happening. A virus infects any host, kind or cruel.

My inner chorus is, at least in part, highly ungenerous.


covid-19, unkind thoughts, fallacy 

I want change. I want to see cruelty die, laid low by the third party of Nature.

That will never happen. Cruel isn't a thing people are; cruelty is a thing people do.

I need to practice a shift in my thinking, because no schadenfreude is worth the coming body count.

Fuck, do I want that positive change, though. Chance favors the prepared mind; no other wake-up call will ring as loud and persistent.

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