I keep thinking of creating a costume sorta like the Ood from Doctor WHO--not in appearance, but in the fact that I'd speak or type words into a text-to-speech app on my phone and have the app say them through a Bluetooth speaker.

Looking at mini BT keyboards that might be small enough to fit on an EVA foam bracer. Seems like a solid option for TTS input.

Maybe I could make a strapped-on chest piece to which I could stick the BT speaker. Make the words come from my "heart".

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People communicating with "unnatural" voices always seems to unsettle others. I don't like that as a fact; it's horribly ableist.

I do enjoy creating costumes that unsettle people and, with exposure, normalize the actually trivial things that weird neurotypicals out. Things like not being able to see facial reactions. Not being able to hear a person's tone. I'll probably create a lower-face mask to go with this one, as I won't be speaking.

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