No, book. NO. If I'm sitting here asking "whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy", then you have not explained a harsh deviation from common sense. I don't care what your plot outline says; you should've taken another hundred words to explain that shit.

The Iron Flower spoilers 

Everyone—EVERYONE—that the two main characters cared for is flown to safety, and the characters are going back to the seat of danger for no explained purpose, with no spoken or even hinted plans. They could start the trek to friends and family, but no; they're just like, "I guess we got a long walk, huh? 🤡"

Don't fucking do that. Say "The echoes of a plan begin forming in my head." It's ten fucking words that make them not seem like buffoons.

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I fucking hate reading sometimes. I can't stand 3- or 4-star books. Fucking read someone else's shit and write down everything you're amazed by. This shit is insulting.

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Ohhhhhh, they had to come back for bad things to happen, huh. Saw that shit coming. Characters blithely walking towards danger and not even having a twinge of good idea? It's reverse foreshadowing and it's ABSOLUTELY insulting.

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Listen, authors. Two things tell your readers that you have NO respect for their intelligence:
1) A character forgets the give-away clue to their whole predicament because something scary happens a few moments later.
2) Characters travel towards fear and danger without at least an internal monologue about how fearful they are.

You're not writing people. You're just walking plastic dolls between tissue-box houses.

I'm going to spam boost that last toot every goddamn day until I give up hope.

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