I need to find a 3d modeler for designing printed items in Linux. I'd use Fusion 360, but it's not available.

I love drawing 2D items in Fusion 360 and then giving them depth/height/volume. If you have a suggestion for a program that incorporates that, please, suggest away. Boosts welcome.


If you have any programming background, you may find that #OpenSCAD will suit you.

You describe an object in 3D components including extrusions of 2D shapes, including complex polygons.

You can even export #Inkscape shapes to OpenSCAD code.


That sounds complex and versatile.

Sounds like I should watch a few tutorials and see what I think. Thanks for the suggestion.


The Inkscape steps are optional.

It is possible to do very precise and interesting work within OpenSCAD alone.

@thraeryn I was googling around for something like this and I found this:

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