Well, here I am, sitting on the curb at an airport parking garage, waiting for the Flixbus to arrive.

I hope it's not late.

This pick-up is near my house, the drop-off is near C.'s house, and the price is right—but not if my bus is an hour late. We'll see.

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Yep, they're late. That's , running from Houston to Austin. I was here early; they sure weren't.

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I'm on the now. The driver is currently on the phone with headquarters because the bus GPS isn't working.

Oh, seems like she got it. I hope it's all good.

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@thraeryn That's what I hear about it in Germany all the time. I've never heard a good story.



I normally ride with Megabus. It hasn't been great lately; thought I'd give this a shot.

We'll see what I do in the future. 🤷🏼‍♂️ The price and the stops are right with Flixbus, and I also want on-time, experienced drivers.

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