My house has six cats and four people. Each person definitely has a cat that is Their Cat, with two generally-affectionate floaters.

My cat, Trouble, comes into my room each night to snuggle with me. πŸ’• My son's cat, Dipper, will play chase/tag with him when they're outside. One of the floaters, Link, is waiting every time I return from a late night to rub against my legs and welcome me home.


The other floater, This, is the only cat in the house who'll eagerly give me kitty headbutts. ❣️(Kitty headbutts are one of my favorite things in the world.)

@thraeryn πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• kitty headbutts! Orange Cat likes to headbutt my hand or knee sometimes

Thank you for these lovely kitty stories

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