a non-violent, non-destructive crime you can do 

✅ find a really old TV with a UHF dial
✅ attach antenna
✅ browse around UHF channels 80-84
✅ stop when you hear one-to-three-second snippets of people talking
✅ tell a buddy what you heard

Congratulations! You just intercepted and disclosed an electronic communication, 18 U.S. Code § 2511, a felony w/5 years max imprisonment.

So many actions are felonies. So many are non-violent. Many can legitimately be done by mistake.

I bet you've committed multiple felonies without realizing it. You just didn't inconvenience anyone.

Support voting rights for felons. Support hiring former felons. You almost certainly are an unconvicted felon.

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Those frequencies, in the US, were part of a second(? I think?) wave of blocks opened for cellular phone communication. TV wasn't digital yet, but had mostly either gone to cable or stuck down in the VHF range. The FCC had no problem selling off the tippy-top of the UHF range.


Yeah, an event I attend somewhat regularly runs an FM radio station for five days in Middle of Nowhere, TX each year. They chose a frequency no local station uses, the range is limited, and as far as I'm aware no one ever bothers them about it.

They're breaking the law, and the law is always enforced on a discretionary basis. Anyone COULD face conviction on a given day, if they angered the wrong official.

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