a non-violent, non-destructive crime you can do 

✅ find a really old TV with a UHF dial
✅ attach antenna
✅ browse around UHF channels 80-84
✅ stop when you hear one-to-three-second snippets of people talking
✅ tell a buddy what you heard

Congratulations! You just intercepted and disclosed an electronic communication, 18 U.S. Code § 2511, a felony w/5 years max imprisonment.

So many actions are felonies. So many are non-violent. Many can legitimately be done by mistake.

I bet you've committed multiple felonies without realizing it. You just didn't inconvenience anyone.

Support voting rights for felons. Support hiring former felons. You almost certainly are an unconvicted felon.

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Please boost the example along with the statement. It's an important example of how easily and unknowingly Joe, Jane, or Jet Q. Public can commit a "serious" crime.

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