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@thraeryn absolutely not, AEW are too WCW-y

give Heyman zero budget and a roster of 10-15 guys who "can't get over" for whatever reason and watch him build stars

*cough* MJF. Marko Stunt.

I feel Them Thar Elite Boys (TTEB) and Heyman have both shown a similar belief in showcasing upcoming talent, and making good use of the established names they have.

Paul has shown that you probably shouldn't make him responsible for the cash, so don't. That's simple enough.

@thraeryn MJF is over as fuck tbh he's been killing it in MLW

Yeah, I'm still thinking of seeing him at WrestleCircus shows. I don't follow MLW like I could.

But anyway, you could make Heyman one of three or four folks in talent relations & have him scope out folks with really solid star potential. AEW has the cash to pay them, and I don't think the boys there will fuck up the book so far that the new kids are wasted.

Paul wouldn't LET them fuck the booking up that hard. He'd be on the phone, on Skype, chasing Matt & Nick down in hallways to harangue them.

@thraeryn Idk honestly I think Heyman ultimately works way better with limitations placed on his creativity/available resources, if AEW couldn't rein him in he'd just lose them a ton of money

I agree. Don't give him a checkbook, do make sure that he's part of a checked & balanced process and knows it. Let him scout; let him be a proponent; let him occasionally yell about his kids not getting the shots it makes sense for them to have. But not every kid, not every week.

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