Today, I help a friend by dressing as Santa and taking pictures with puppers.

A little part of me wishes I'd said "sorry, no" so I could have a lazy Saturday.

Another part of me realizes that, without saying "yes" sometimes, I'll never have as many wild stories as Harlan. Whatever stick that man is measured by, one must admit that he lived an eventful life.

✅ help friend
✅ hug puppers
✅ make people happy (hopefully)
are the orders of the day. Wish me luck!

Dang. I had to do some serious spot cleaning on my suit.

As V pointed out, I battled the Japanese forces at Pearl Harbor at least once in the suit without washing it after.

Oh. Yeah. Oops.


(Every year, has an all-Santa re-enactment of the Battle of Pearl Harbor. FYI.)

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