Hey EU friends experiencing the heat wave please remember to:

Keep water with you at all times, stay hydrated

Wear loose fitting clothing so your body can keep cool

Avoid spending excess time in parked vehicles

Avoid excess soda, alcohol, or caffiene

Eat foods with high water content (chilled fruits, etc)

If you feel dizzy, have goosebumps/chills, nausea, rapid pulse, difficulty breathing, or an intense headache drink lots of water and rest.

Love, your buddy in South Texas

@ratbaby heard a story recently that in heat like this, salt is also essential to avoid cramps? I know that after a few days of heat the body cuts down on the excretion of salt in sweat but you still lose more salt?


@brnrd @ratbaby
Short story/protip:
I keep some light salt (which is potassium chloride instead of sodium chloride) and powdered citric acid in one of my cupboards. (Light salt is super easy & cheap; citric acid is a GNC buy.)

After a hot, sweaty day, mixing maybe 1/4-1/2 tsp. of each in a big glass of ice water is AMAZING. It tastes very different, but your tongue recognizes how good and necessary both are.

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