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I have an XMPP/Jabber server. It features OMEMO encryption. I run it from a closet in my house. It is up if my house has power and internet (so, most of the time.) It allows uploads of pics and video for sharing. Those files are deleted after 24 hours.

You can join it by using "Conversations" on Android, or "Siskin IM" on iOS, to create a new account at

If you do, please let me know your user name! I am, as one might expect,

Pinned post will never support hate speech. We will always come down hard on users who promote inequality, and de-federate with instances who are unwilling to say (and do) the same.

If you see one of our users violating these terms, file a report. Send me a message. (I'm on the lookout, of course, and.) The response will be as swift as I can make it.

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This is the how-to I wish I had when I set up my Prosody XMPP server. I have no idea why in tarnation no search engine would show it to me.

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I'm Thraeryn, the Embodiment of RED and of

* wrestling
* being kind & friendly
* supporting good folks
* chatting about the everyday

* tech
* podcasts
* pineapple pizza
* current music
* a whole bunch of current TV
* mansplaining
* white fragility
* @Gargron

Marvel films & shows loooooove tearing the shit out of Europe


TOO, TOO MANY breakfast burritos I don't want, sausage biscuits, etc. because there's a big ol' heap of scrambled egg in there.

Y'know what's great in a breakfast burrito? Diced & fried potato! But that doesn't come as a fucking powder one can reconstitute, does it?

Fuckin' cheap-ass motherfuckers trying to convince us all that a bowl of powder & water makes breakfast better, heartier

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Made some kofta ahead of time so that I can watch Dynamite and Jinya can just throw it in the oven when she gets home.

I really love kofta, so long as there's no boiled egg at the center. EGGS ARE NOT VALUE-ADDS; offer it as itself, use it to wash/bread something, or LEAVE IT OFF.

Paper books and I stopped being friends about eight years ago, I figure 🤔

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At a Goodwill Outlet store w/my son

Tried to look at a book in one of the bins, immediately started sneezing 😅

I wonder if my long-ago switch to ebooks made my sinuses stop being buddies with lignin

I've taken over as admin of

If you are interested in respectfully discussing matters of faith, religion, and spirituality and connecting with others, I'd like to invite you to join this instance.

teaching kids stuff is fun but if you ask them about their favorite game or hobby they will tell you all about it and be incredibly patient teaching you how to do it because generally no one in their lives takes their interests seriously or sees them as an authority on anything

This shit is why, as a child, I learned to sleep on my stomach, facing a light. I recall more dreams when I sleep on my back—and I still choose not to do either most of the time.

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These weren't even bad, and I didn't wake confused about any realities, and still: What? Why'd we even need that?

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I'm tired of waking and remembering dreams.

This morning, it was attempting to recall details of an NYC trip that, while dreaming, I recalled was actually a dream.

Just now, it was seeing a woman I used to date, looking for her name in my phone, not finding it, and recalling that she was from a dream.

But neither time really recognizing that I was, then, dreaming.

What the fuck are y'all even doing in there, brain?!

"Trailblazing trans woman becomes first in Uganda to get ID with correct gender"

“'I want to spend the next 35 years of my life shedding the sad African trans narrative. We don’t just carry tragic stories,' she said, 'I am a molecular biologist, geneticist, activist, imaginative, daring, different, audacious and an Aries.'"

I saw my breath spiral from me, distinct until it dissipated to All. I lost myself and found the core of me once more, a thousand times. Undulating fields. Music from nothing but hands' motions. Vast seas; unlikely anchors. Thoughts more singular and firm than one would imagine. Dreams blown away in the gentlest breeze.

The Kwisatz Haderach seems green as goose shit in the light of my revelations.

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I've seen the likes of what Paul Atreides has seen, and better, and worse. Women as snakes. Vast starfields rending the world. Rhythms stretching from the depths of the earth to stir my insides. Past and future, writhing worms struggling against the bounds that hold them quiescent. Lights from the heavens and tesselations Nature hides, stirred by the wind.

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I love that one of the pervasive themes of the "Dune" series is

🎶 Druuuuuuuuuuuuuugs 🎶

I would not spoil you, friends. Not in any meaningful way.

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Watching "Dune".

Where are the fountains, the obvious affronts of Harkonnen excess?

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