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I have an XMPP/Jabber server. It features OMEMO encryption. I run it from a closet in my house. It is up if my house has power and internet (so, most of the time.) It allows uploads of pics and video for sharing. Those files are deleted after 24 hours.

You can join it by using "Conversations" on Android, or "Siskin IM" on iOS, to create a new account at

If you do, please let me know your user name! I am, as one might expect,

Pinned toot will never support hate speech. We will always come down hard on users who promote inequality, and de-federate with instances who are unwilling to say (and do) the same.

If you see one of our users violating these terms, file a report. Send me a message. (I'm on the lookout, of course, and.) The response will be as swift as I can make it.

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This is the how-to I wish I had when I set up my Prosody XMPP server. I have no idea why in tarnation no search engine would show it to me.

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I'm Thraeryn, the Embodiment of RED and of

* wrestling
* being kind & friendly
* supporting good folks
* chatting about the everyday

* tech
* podcasts
* pineapple pizza
* current music
* a whole bunch of current TV
* mansplaining
* white fragility
* @Gargron

pol (hopeful) 

Vote local. Vote state. Vote informed.

If we can't trust the sludge to be skimmed from the top, we can try to wash it away with a wellspring from below.

food, emotions 

Yeah. I made myself three cheeseburgers. Two are inside me. Gonna try to be semi-responsible with the third.

Still feeling pretty hollow; hoping a movie will distract.

Your servant here, he has been told
to say it clear, to say it cold:
"It's over; it ain't goin' any further."

And now, the wheels of heaven stop;
you feel the Devil's riding crop.
Get ready for the future: it is murder.


So I basically want to lock myself in my room and surrender-eat fifteen cheeseburgers or something. Incredibly dispirited.

Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
Won't be nothing
Nothing you can measure anymore
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
Has crossed the threshold
And it has overturned
The order of the soul

My friend was helping people as a street medic when Austin Police fired a non-lethal round that basically shattered her hand.

She's still hoping folks can assist with her medical costs. ❤️

Achievement unlocked:

✅ Correctly guess the fursona someone is complaining about drawing for themselves

astrology, swears 

Aries Crew:


Our house
It is made of mud and peat
Our house
Smells like whiskey taken neat

us, covid-19, mild peace of mind 

In my case, at least, the perception was that public testing was hard to get, that available tests were few, and that I might wait weeks to schedule a time for a guaranteed test.

Some of those things are likely still true for the uninsured who rely on government-offered, no-cost testing.

If you are at all insured, or can swing the cost of a traffic ticket, it's not like that. There are tests out there.

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us, covid-19, mild peace of mind 

I discovered something recently, and it really helped me out.

Many, many of those suburban, doc-in-a-box places? They have covid-19 tests that are fully covered under most insurance.

I'm not insured; I paid $175 for mine.

For that $175, I got a same-day appointment (scheduled online), with in-car, curbside antigen testing and a 15-minute turn-around on results delivered, again, to my car.

health update, yuck 

I'm glad my skin is basically healed--it is--because this whole "sweating the skin cream back out" thing that happens every time I spend five minutes without A/C? It's disgusting.

more people died in july here than in the previous 4 months combined because Abbott made the state reopen too early.

cool, right?

Oh, no, I COULD add more absurdity: maybe put a dot of nail polish on there so it's easily identified.

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A friend asked what they should put in the medicine cabinet of their half-bath, and people started offering silly suggestions. Mine?

Fake rock with a spare key.

I think I win.

covid, us, facepalm 

Bike daddies and hog mamas are, right now, cramming their unmasked, city-sized population into the town-sized box of Sturgis, South Dakota.


The five most useful knives in my drawer? Gonna call it $25 total. (All the same knife, though. 😹 I love that Thai-style, 5-6" blade. Incredibly versatile.)

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I'm not paying more than $60 for a set of five kitchen knives. That is the upper bound, and they'd better come with an accessory.

Expensive knives just mean maybe less sharpening time. MAYBE.


Y'know when you're enjoying a day on the water, you've applied sunscreen, you think it's well absorbed & well dried,

and then you sweat a bunch and it reconstitutes?

I just had that with the steroid cream I'm using, except I was emptying cat boxes instead of enjoying some fun in the sun.


Well, fuck.

I rarely have any respect for AGs, and if Letitia James' team dissolves the NRA, I'll actually have to give her some.

health update 

My skin is visibly improving.

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