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I'm Thraeryn, the Embodiment of RED and of

* wrestling
* being kind & friendly
* supporting good folks
* chatting about the everyday

* tech
* podcasts
* pineapple pizza
* current music
* a whole bunch of current TV
* mansplaining
* white fragility
* @Gargron

Let's disprove something a transphobe claimed.
#transgender people, would you date another #trans person?
Preferably boost for a larger sample-size

Your friendly Latinx enby got fired! 😕✌️

I'm fundraising to survive while I find work. This $$ will go to rent, food, gas, bills, and medicine. Every donation of any size is tremendously helpful rn :blobcatheart:

#donate #boost #mutualaid #survivalfund #transcrowdfund

If you're an environmental defender worried about government or private sector surveillance, this is for you.

We're conducting research to better understand your concerns and privacy and security challenges.

Take a few minutes to complete our survey:

"Gmail stop changing your UI for no reason" Challenge

AEW Dynamite last night was an excellent show,

and CM Punk is a bitch-ass motherfucker

"poggers"? back in my day we called them "slammers"

US pol, abortion 

still thinking about the jobless 16 year old with no parents, only a legal guardian, who is still in school, being forced to carry a pregnancy from an unsupportive partner, because the state of florida doesn't think she's "mature enough" to decide to terminate

(your uncle, twice removed, probably had a black grandparent


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I'm watching a show, and the topic of sickle cell comes up.

Elderly white CDC guy: "It's an inherited disorder; it primarily affects people whose ancestors came from Africa."

Is that actually a really cool, alternate way to say "black people", or nah? I *feel* like the blend of clarity and lightly dusting a li'l academia on it is a good way to state facts w/o making a bunch of yt idiots shout, "My uncle, twice removed, had sickle cell! It ain't just theirs! We deserve attention!"

I didn't have to drop my stream quality to 720 or 480. I left it on auto, and it ran at 1080. Didn't see that damned "oops, I'm trying to download the next minute, hol' up" circle ONCE during the broadcast.

WireGuard. Sure, it's not TCP, but streaming and UDP were made for each other.

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I use a commercial VPN (Windscribe) to watch wrestling every week. Subscriptions in the US are ludicrous; in the UK, I pay $7/mo.

Hasn't been working very well lately, though. Despite having a gigabit connection, the past couple of weeks were frustrating episodes of buffering, reloading, and dropping my stream quality in the hopes that I wouldn't lag behind.

Today, I installed WireGuard on my machine. (1/2)

drama opinions 

So we got a lot of mad people, wonder if we'll ever get the fucking truth.

The truth usually comes down to, "I was mad about someone because of this thing, and decided that this warranted smearing them for this other thing, which was unrelated, because I knew that no one would be on my side for the original thing."

But you know, until they fucking spell it out, no one will know.

Honestly, at this point, the thing that I understand the most about is that they got their finger hovering over the trigger of absolutely vilifying people for any reason they can possibly find.

I really wish that people who do things like this would take a few moments of introspection to understand that, if we want to live in a society where we're constantly afraid of being found out for the things we're ashamed about, or afraid of, then constantly trying to dig up dirt on people we don't like so we can smear them is how we do that.

And if we want to live in a society where we are understood and forgiven, where our mistakes are understood as problems to be solves, rather than insurmountable personal failures, it means getting over our own shit to try to understand other people.

I don't give a shit whose fault a problem is.

I care about the truth.

And the truth is usually that people are mad and afraid, and afraid of showing it.

The deepest of convictions hide the darkest positions.

I find that people prone to vicious attacks on the character of others are often afraid of some kind of personal failure of their own being made known and used against them.

too many politicians have used “common sense” as a dog whistle to justify their homophobia, racism and anti science posiitions. not to mention the countless ordinary people who have done the same or used it as a simple catch phrase incantation to stop thinking or discussion while feeling smug and superior

it’s just tainted now. don’t do ir.

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"common sense" is kinda a dead phrase at this point, it's used so much to justify so much nonsense, the number of politicians here who use it to describe dystopian policies is something

Tonight may see the return to action of the finest wrestler of his generation.

NO, I don't mean Bryan Danielson. Danielson wasn't putting on 7-star(!!) matches with persistent vertigo.

Only one 7-star competitor walks beneath the Devil's sky.

CDC, US covid response failure/death 

The head of the CDC is calling for a reorg in the face of the human cost of their slow, confusing pandemic response.

Their failures, and ours as a society and as a civilization, helped kill so many people in my life that I ran out of fingers to count them. I expect to run out of toes within the month. The cost of this has fallen, in many cases, on those least prepared to weather it.

And as it stands, under the CDC's shining guidance there remain no places, not even medical facilities, safe for the immunocompromised and chronically ill or disabled to visit. It's willful ignorance to claim the most vulnerable aren't all among us...well over half of us qualify, by proximity to those at risk, medical issues or circumstances and location of employment.

A good start would be to ensure that the CDC actually read, rely on and share the information they were months late to disseminate. People should never again face heightened or reduced risk based solely on whether they happened to follow and understand medical news independently.

Some understanding that many will base institutional and company procedures specifically around their advice, even when it's more cautious than the existing legal minimum protections, would have been a great way to urge uptake of filtration, indoor mask use and habitual isolation between potential exposures to reduce risk. They could have been creating educational materials and explaining what people were trying to learn, so guidance changes didn't seem random and untethered to real world research, outdated though it tended to be.

Instead, we got...this. And we'll continue to get this, if things don't change.


Urgent: help with bills 

Storage ($215) is now officially past due.

If memory serves, the company adds a $35 fee to past due accounts.

They do not accept partial payments.

Can you help, so my belongings don't get put up for auction?

Please give to a Black, Indigenous, or otherwise racially marginalized person first.

@mutualaid #MutualAid #TransCrowdFund

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